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Have you ever gone on a night out and find your handbag is full of brushes because you like to top up your makeup during the night? I think we all have! Sick of having so many makeup brushes on holiday, I think we all our!  Love Vicci has the answer to your problems and is proud to present the new arrival of the 3 in 1 professional makeup brush comprising of 3 various brushes, the dome powder, makeup/concealer sponge and and the eye/brow brush.  In addition, we also have the 3 in 1 eye brush too. Please check out the product page for more information.


Designed and created by  beauty industry experts, the Love Vicci brush really will be any makeup lovers best friend! Made with the highest quality synthetic bristles, this brush is built to last. 


We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable products that are manufactured ethically. With sustainability at our core, our products are eco-friendly, sourced and produced ethically. We strive to ensure that our products contribute to the well-being of the people and the planet, and our efforts puts us on track towards a brighter future.​

Love Vicci 3 in 1 Brush
Love Vicci 3 in 1 Eye Brush
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